Meet The Team

Jon Lawrence's' Avatar

Jon Lawrence

With over 10 years experience in developing corporate brands, Jon has written scripts for national TV ad campaigns, produced animations for the BBC and developed numerous websites and brand identities for start-ups and for FTSE 100 clients alike.

Jon co-founded Infocandy in 2013 with Anna. Involved in every project Infocandy delivers, he acts as the all-important middle ground between the business brain and creative artist. Often the public face of the company, he'll likely be the one that turns up if you arrange to meet us.

His enthusiasm is infectious, and his ability to manage projects under pressure is one of his biggest assets.

Anna Humphries's' Avatar

Anna Humphries

A graduate from the internationally renowned National Film and Television School, Anna’s award winning animations have been screened and adored across the world. What makes Anna unique is her ability to adapt her skills to fit any style of animation. She enjoys nothing more than being confronted with a project that teaches her something new.

Anna has a pure love for all things beautiful, whether it be music, art or animation. She is the driving force behind the creative flair of Infocandy and takes responsibility for the standard of every film that comes out of our office.

Her grasp of such a wide range of animation techniques coupled with her creative genius makes her someone that everyone should want working on their project.

Emma Carter's' Avatar

Emma Carter

There is something almost mystical about Emma's style of illustration. A graphic designer by trade, Emma is brilliant at taking a piece of information or a load of boring facts and bringing them to life through engaging artwork and clever use of fonts and imagery. Emma has a host of corporate clients under her belt and has managed to bring her own unique style in to every one of them.

It's when Emma is given the chance to breath and explore that she really flies. And it is then that she will come up with the ideas that you or I could never dream of.

Jake Hovell's' Avatar

Jake Hovell

Here is our resident stop motion animation and puppet making wizard. Most of the stop motion puppet work you will find on this site has all come from Jake and you can see for yourselves what an incredible animator he is.

Jake has worked on many high profile projects and has made footage for Lloyds Bank, Innocent Smoothies and E4 to name just a few. His passion and commitment to the job at hand is second to none, and will always pull out all the stops to make a film as good as it can possibly be.

Jess Thomas's' Avatar

Jess Thomas

Having worked with Anna for many many years, including on the acclaimed short film "Night of the Loving Dead", Jess has a huge array of talents including animation, graphic design, and website development. She's someone who always seems to know about the most recent software, or the latest animation technique and we have yet to find anything she hasn't been able to do, and do in lightening fast time.