We always start these animations with a script. This will either be supplied directly by you, or you can tell us what you're trying to say and our copywriting team can have a crack on it and you can tell us what you think.


Next comes the images. What we find works best is for all of us, you included, to sit around a table (that's right, an actual table, with pencils and paper and everything!) and brainstorm. Our artists will then turn these ideas into a hand sketched storyboard.


Once this sketched storyboard has been signed off by you, we will create a digital storyboard, which will look much smarter than the sketch. This process will involve our illustrators building all the assets (graphics) needed to form the whole animation.


Once we are all happy with how the animation is going to look, you can leave us in a small dark room and constant supply of coffee to turn the storyboard into an animation. We will of course provide you with updates whenever you ask for them throughout this process, but we aim for the first thing you see to be an attempt at the final product. We'll then make any tweaks or changes you may have, and voila, your very own animation.