The first stage here was for us to write a script and get it professionally recorded. It's important to record it before you start animation as the timings need to fit the voice perfectly.


Then, as ever, we made a storyboard and a basic animatic. We took this a step further by then developing it into a flash animation using just grey and white to represent the bits which needed to be cut out.


This animation was then printed out onto about 600 sheets of sturdy card. It took several weeks and some numb finger tips to cut out the grey bits from each sheet of card.


A shooting rig (as seen in the picture above) was constructed consisting of 2 poles, with 12 modified coat hangers placed down it at equal distances. The camera was set up at one end of this to give the tunnel effect. We needed a small crew to shoot each frame as the pieces of cards were placed at the front and then moved back down the rig, to give the impression of constant movement.