As with all animations, the first step will be to write the story and plan it out with a hand drawn storyboard.


Once this is signed off, we will create a computerised animatic. This will act as a guide which we will use to draw out the pictures in the sand.


This is the messy bit! With a clear idea of what we want to see in the animation, we will get a light box, point a camera at it and cover it (and us) in sand. In this sand we will then draw pictures with our fingers/a pen/ a credit card...basically anything we can get out hands on to make some interesting effects.


Each picture we draw will be photographed and then put into After Effects. It's vital to get the sand pictures right first time as each shot takes a long time to get right. To get some further crazy effects, we can use coloured sand and all sorts of other things to make the light shine thorugh as we want it.


When all the shots have been taken and we're all happy with them, we'll link it up in to a beautifully flowing organic animation.