RSPCA – Plastic Pollution

Project Description:

A short film commissioned by the RSPCA design to highlight the issues of plastic pollution in our oceans to school children. Introducing Kenny the Crab!

This project was made using:

Hand Drawn

Drawing each frame individually is the old fashioned way of making animations. Think of all those old Disney cartoons we loved as kids… Use of this technique is becoming less common with the advent of technology. It takes a lot more time to perfect, but the result will instil a wonderful hand-made quality and a sense of uniqueness.

Hand drawn animations are not limited to pencil and paper: they can be made with charcoal, ink or even paint on glass! We can also create whats called a Whiteboard Animation, which is where we film a live drawing with an overhead camera.

2D Digital

This is our most common working style. When a corporate client approaches us wanting a video to explain their product at an event or to be hosted on their website, this is usually the style they are talking about. We predominantly use Adobe After Effects for our digital animation, but we have in-house experts at Flash and Maya. The limitations are pretty boundless in the world of digital and we are forever researching and investing in the latest plugins and effects that we can bring in to a film to make it extra special.

They delivered a truly fantastic piece of work. Their talent, creativity and sense of fun shone through the piece. Anna was incredibly knowledgeable and put together a great script very quickly. The team set a clear timetable for the work – including storyboards, review points, time for tweaks etc – and stuck to it.

Cordelia Hebblethwaite

Commissioning Editor, BBC

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